Yael Eckstein’s Views Opens a New Chapter Uniting the Jews and Christians

The main lady in propagating IFCJ
Yael Eckstein is the name of a lady whom God has gifted various excellent and exceptional talents. On one side she controls her household activities in nourishing her four children and is a devotee to her husband. On the other Yael Ecksteinside she occupies the position of the president in International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or IFCJ in short.It can be said that Yael Eckstein followed her father’s footsteps, who was hailed as the founder of IFCJ. But, she controls the organisation with her own intuitive merit thereby employing her outstanding skills to achieve her goal. To be precise, as the president of IFCJ, Eckstein supervises all sorts of programs relating to the ministry.She deserves special position not only as the President but also as the International Spokesperson of the organization as a whole. Previously, Yael Eckstein holds positions concerning the Global Executive Vice President as well as Senior Vice President. Not only that, she also formerly achieved the position of the director relating to development of programs plus outreach regarding any ministry purpose.

Yael Eckstein’s views
The Jew society and the Christian society who were former enemies to eachYael Eckstein other have become mutual friends. Both the communities have set aside their long enmity and have joined hands thereby plunging in to save those whose life is at risk. The storey is about the outsized ‘non profit group’ operating in Israel. It has now crossed the threshold to a novel chapter.
Yael Eckstein on behalf of the Christian community has said that they represent the Christians, who not only loves but also stands for Israel. She has also added that the fellowship offers its helping hand to approximately one and a half million public every year. But this help operates in a particular manner. It propagates adding one person plus one and in this way ends up in an immeasurable number.