Works Of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein throughout His Life Who Raised More than Millions of Donations from Evangelical Communities

His work in early life

In New York, Yeshiva University appointed Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, in the late 1970s as an employee of the Non-governmental organization Anti-Defamation League; Rabbi Eckstein started nurturing Jewish-Christians in Chicago. He found out evangelicals to be an unused pool of support for the distressed people in Israel but on the other hand, Jewish establishment was unwilling to join hands with them, which led him to form IFCJ. IFCJ reviews tell more about him as a worker and his immense support for the Jews all over the world.

His work as a part of IFCJ

His organization reaches out to people immigrating to Israel and helping and supporting needy populations like holocaust survivors, poor, druse and Ethiopian-Israelis by providing them with various essential needs. yechiel Eckstein’s offices were in Chicago, Toronto, Jerusalem, South Korea and Seoul. Constructions are carrying out in Jerusalem for creating a centre that will represent as a new headquarters worth of the multi-million dollar and an attraction of Christian visitors.Yechiel Eckstein

Yechiel Eckstein was the child of Belle (Hirschman) Eckstein and Simon L. he was born in the year of 1951 on July 11th. Simon L was a psychologist and a Canadian rabbi who served in Winthrop during that time. In the year 1952, their family settled down in Ottawa where his father behoved as a chief rabbi.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s first marriage was unsuccessful and he was 52 when he divorced and remarried to Joelle who was the inhabitant of Barcelona. Yael Eckstein his daughter is known as the president of the non-profit organization IFCJ.

Jerusalem post recognised the name of Rabbi Eckstein among the top 50 most prestigious Jews in the whole world.  Us congress also awarded him for his work for nurturing the interfaith relationship between Jews and Christians. He received various awards from organizations all over the world. The JDC in the Israel assembly honoured him with Raoul Wallenberg Award by the prime minister of Israel and the speaker of the assembly for his great works towards the wellbeing of the people of Israel.