Why trust Wunderdog?

Wunderdog is one of the best professional handicapping service in the sports betting world. Over 458,000 subscribers keep confidence in his picks day in and day out. He has spent the past 18 years providing premium handicapping services, enhancing and updating his own systems as sports trends and patterns fluctuate. WunderdogIt is then no wonder that his newsletter is widely read all over the world – with 397,000 readers and counting.

However, it is not only the numbers that should dazzle us. Wunderdog has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on MSN.com, while also regularly contributing to ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine. He has made appearances on Entrepreneur.com and in the ColarodoBiz Magazine. In fact, he featured in a case study by the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia) on the Harvard Business Review.

What makes Wunderdog so successful and popular? The answer is simple, yet brilliant. WunderdogIn a world full of shady dealers who are interested only in maximising their own profits, Wunderdog looks out for his clients’ interests. He has based his entire business model on the pillars of honesty, integrity and transparency. All of his past picks are posted on his website for everyone to see.

He never relies on any sort of intuition or hunch – all picks are chosen after going through rigorous vetting. He employs unique betting systems and predictive analyses based upon tons of research and study of patterns to finally help him present the winning picks. Moreover, he always provides an explanation for each pick – you will be made aware of exactly how and why a pick has been chosen.

One of the beautiful parts about his services is that there is no mind boggling range of picks to choose from. You do not have to choose from the ‘Premium Picks’ or the ‘Winner club Picks’ or the ‘Gold Picks’ etc. The single product that Wunderdog offers is the winning pick.