Things You Should Know About E-Cigarette Use

Vaping is considered better over smoking. The trend of vaping, a new way to inhale vapor, has been seen around the world in few countries. This has become a habit and status symbol. many chain smokers on the verge of quitting smoking habit are switching over to habit of vaping. The propaganda against cigarette smoking has greatly inspired people to quit smoking and they found solution of smoking cessation in vaping.


Trend of e-cigarette use

The invention of electronic cigarette or called e-cigarette is not too old because modern e-cigarette (called E-cigaret in Danish) was invented in 2003 by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik and China is the main manufacturer of e-cigarettes, but these vaping devices are sold globally and are used by the people mostly in United Kingdom and few other countries. In past few years, e-cigarette use has surged and tobacco use has declined in these countries. The figures of e-cigarette sales are quite impressive, exceeding US$7 billion of over 500 brands. It is far more than any other similar product.


Harms of e-cigarette use

People are not yet sure whether e-cigarette smoking use is absolutely safe or not. The results in few scientific studies have shown that e-cigarette use is also not safe. There are few concerns with the use of this habit. The issue of toxicity is the main concern of researchers. Most harm from e-cigarette use comes from cheap liquids use by people in the device’s cartridge.

Making better use of e-cigarette

Cigarette smoking is a cheap habit, but some people think that e-cigarette is a costly device. They try to reduce cost on this habit by reducing cost of the liquid used in this device for vaping because this is recurring cost. The cheap quality liquid causes the most harm. No doubt, e-cigarette smoking is better than regular cigarette smoking, but when it is used with a high-quality liquid. You can make better use of e-cigarette by buying reputed brand and filling high-quality liquid.