The responsible daughter of a kind father

Relations are not at all tough to be understood by a basic mind. However, at times, it becomes highly difficult to predict the nature of relationships between two human beings.

Yael EcksteinBut as far as the relationship between a father and a daughter is concerned, there are no complications at all. It is quite easy to predict every now and then the nature of their relationship, to the extent as to what comes ahead in a tricky situation faced by both of them. Coming to the fact that a child’s mind is soft enough to be impressed by any superior’s capabilities, it is not true to the greatest mark. An adult can be trained as well, and this implies that learning is the essence of life. Thus, when Rabbi Eckstein realized he was not in his proper senses, due to health issues faced by him, he trained and groomed her daughter Yael Eckstein, so that she could take over the reins of a high performing organization by the name of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.Yael Eckstein


It was the vote of all the board members of the organization to select Yael Eckstein as the future head of the organization, that of course excluded the vote of Rabbi Eckstein from being counted. It is even said that Yael Eckstein was an automatic choice suggested by the board members, during a meeting when Rabbi was not even attending the meeting. The responsibility was duly understood and taken care of by the daughter of a kind father, who then looked forward towards strengthening the position of Jewish communities in the world. If there are certain measures required by the organization to help bringing the status back to the Jews, Rabbi has now passed on the baton to her daughter, to make sure that she works for the best interests of her community.