The Global Impact brought about by IFCJ Ratings

IFCJ ratings are an offshoot of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews which was established with a specific objective in mind. The objective was to educate its people about the organization of IFCJ, its mission, objectives and its financial accountability. The IFCJ rating serves as a means to figure out how the charitable organization is funded and the various ways in which its funds are dispersed among the targeted sectors.ifcj rating

Various IFCJ reviews have shown that there are a number of firms out there which undertake the audit of charitable institutes such as Charity Navigator, Better Business Bureau and Give Well among many others. The main objective of such firms is to audit the Income and Expenditure of such charitable institutions.

Their credibility in the market

Considering the fact that the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has been established as a medium through which everlasting bonds can be built between the two faiths, its main funds stem from donations. The donations are mostly received from individuals, companies or smaller charitable organizations which hope to bring about a positive change in this world. Thus, to prove that is IFCJ a good charity, it has endeavored to hold itself accountable to its various donors.IFCJ rating

And this endeavor has been accomplished with the help of the IFCJ ratings which will highlight the various usages of its donations which have been received over the years. This is also a sign of acknowledgement to all its donors and a means to show the help they have extended to those in need of it.

IFCJ has over the years worked with hundreds and thousands of Christians and Jews living in abject poverty, war stricken countries or countries with a tainted past. It has widened its reach to the various countries on the globe who are in immediate need of help too.