Statistical Report on Crude Oil and Petroleum from Eni

Roberto Casula headed Eni presented the following report on crude oils and petroleum which might be beneficial for the upcoming new industries to follow. Crude oil is the untreated oil which is refined to form petroleum. It exists in liquid form in the underground basins of sandstone hosted rocks with shale cap rocks.roberto casula

Origin of petroleum

These oils mainly form due to subjection of dead remains of plants and animals to stress for millions of years. Petroleum is mainly produced from dead remains of microplanktons. Under preservation in anaerobic conditions with suitable depth of burial the organisms slowly liberate the fatty substances from their dead remains which form huge reserves of petroleum.

When the microplanktons are dated, its record turned out to be older than the existence of dinosaurs. Thus, after undergoing millions of years of lithification and preservation, crude oil evolved with commercial values. Natural products derived from crude oils are being used by multiple industries. Crude oils are mainly complexed of hydrocarbons. Thus, it can be used as natural gas as well if it is preserved in optimum conditions of heat and pressure in the subsurface lithology of the earth.roberto casula

Statistical report

Some of Roberto Casula Eni statistical reports of 2017 related to petroleum industry in USA is as follows:

  • Production values of petroleum including crude oil, renewable fuels and other petroleum liquids are about 14,283000 barrels daily.
  • Crude oil production itself in US was about 9,355,000 barrels daily
  • Imports of crude oils in US was about 7,912,000 barrels per day
  • Imports of other valuable products of petroleum was about 2,163,000 barrels daily
  • Net import of petroleum in United States itself was about 3,732,000 barrels per day
  • As of 2017, it was estimated that United States are dependent on petroleum imports by about 19%.