Should You Include or Not E-cigarette in Your Life?

The current century has seen rapid increase in use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and it refers to vaping. This trend has emerged because vaping is considered superior over cigarette smoking.

Valid reasons to use e-cigarette

e-cigaretterYou may not be familiar how vaping is superior to smoking, but this is true. Let’s consider the following aspects to validate this statement.

  • Vaping such as e-cigaretter are the devices used by high-end users. This method is sometimes considered as a status symbol for aristocrat gentlemen.
  • Vaping is quite safer compared to conventional cigarette smoking from health and other perspectives.
  • Vaping may appear expensive practice at once to few individuals, but it is less expensive in the long run due to reuse of a single device for multiple time use for many years.
  • Vaping helps its users to enjoy multiple assorted flavors of e-væske.
  • Vaping is environment-friendly. It has least risk of secondhand and thirdhand exposures.

Why you should avoid e-cigarette use

The above characteristics of vaping provide valid reasons to use e-cigaret, e-cigaretterbut don’t elaborate reasons to discard its use. Every practice has advantages and drawbacks. Like cigarette smoking has many drawbacks, vaping too has drawbacks, though not as many as in cigarette smoking.

We may not be concerned with minor issues, but health is always a major concern. The use of electronic cigarettes is associated with both common and potential health effects. Due to rapid use of e-cigarette use, the researchers have also rapidated their efforts to explore potential long-term hazards of this practice. The major concerns are damage to lungs, immunity issues, and serum cotinine levels. Electronic cigarettes have been accepted as a best alternative to smoking cessation, but without thorough consideration of the major health issues that need to be pinpointed. Electronic cigarettes are not too bad, but not as good as deemed to be. You can think either way and decide whether to use them or not.