Roberto Casula Is a Change Maker in the Field of Clean Environmental Safety  

Innovation and engaging in corporate ventures is what Roberto casula is engaged with at Eni. He was born in the year 1962 in Cagliari. He has graduated in the field of mining engineering and he was appointed as an engineer of the reservoir at Eni. He started his career with working for the oil fields in Italy and later on he shifted to West Africa to be further employed as an engineer of the chief development.

What inspired him to stick to the business of oil and gas?

He is of the opinion that his background was one of the major reasons for him to be inclined towards this area of work. However, the work also comes up with a lot of technological innovation which is challenging and that was one of the major areas which fascinated him as an individual to be inclined towards the same.Roberto Casula

What is executive compensation to him with respect to the energy industry?

From the beginning of his association with this industry, Roberto Casula eni was remunerated as long as he would fulfill an objective and a specific target in that respect. Hence, it was very necessary that the individual set his/her own goals which he/she plans to achieve at the end of the year of half a year.

The push which one has to go through when one sets a goal is indeed a driving force which is beneficial to the company in the bargain. However, it is never that money has been the driving force rather it is the success in your work and its impact which is a lever for one to grow. The confidence level and even self esteem grow to a higher extent. That is what a reward looks like. Mr. Casula has realized that success is not low-hanging fruit and has worked to that end accordingly.