People helped by International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Ever since its foundation back in 1983, the organization known as the IFCJ ratings which is headed by Yael Eckstein at present has worked with their heart and souled with the urge of fostering the relationship between Christians and Jews.  The fellowship has helped millions with clothing, foods, shelter and medications.

IFCJ ratingsFor both Rosh Hashanah and Passover, clothing’s were provided to the orphaned children and impoverished. From sending vouchers, hot meals for holiday packages and live kitchen facilities to school children in need to funding elderly with necessary ingredients. The organization ahs done it all and promises to continue serving with a wider goal.

Strengthening programs

  • Programs are being held to help the elderly people become self-sufficient, scholarship are offered to the school goers and young adults are given education in various fields such as nursing, dental educations and many more.
  • Holocaust survivors are given emergency support. Hospitals are funded to bring in new medicines. Emergency renovations re conducted to carry forwards with major operations.

Building understandings

IFCJ ratingsWith his hard work and dedication, rabbi Eckstein has become the international teacher of Jewish roots. He has reciprocated the plans to bring about world peace by uniting the cause of Christians and Jews like never before.

  • Radio programs are being broadcasted in Spanish as well as in English to over 4,156 radio stations in all of six continents with over 16 million listeners. Radio shows such as Holy Land Moments, news bulletins and Prayers are aired daily for not more than 5 minutes.
  • The viewers count on televised programs reach to a staggering 18 million count in Australia, US, Canada and Europe. It highlights the sic needs of the Jewish communities and raise awareness.
  • Through social media and various websites, the organization has succeeded in reaching out to millions of Christians and have raised funds radically. Good IFCJ ratings show how the organization have been imperial in carrying forward the proceedings.