North Steel Co Emerges As Top Producer of Titanium Pipes

Usage of titanium pipes

  • Titanium pipe are popularly used in further manufacture of various products. 
  • They are used in heat exchangers and piping systems in chemical industries, in airframe and engine components within the aerospace industry and in power plants across the world. Titanium pipe
  • As the manufacturing world keeps innovating and discovering new materials to work with, it has steadily emerged that titanium is clearly the superior metal to use in many cases where stainless steel and other materials just don’t make the cut.

North Steel Co.

  • North Steel is one of the most popular manufacturer and supplier of titanium pipes. It produces pipes and tubing of various dimensions according to the needs of the market.
  • It specialises in both welded and seamless piping. Apart from standard pipes and tubing, North Steel offers advanced pipe fabrication like coiled tube, finned tube, capillary tube among others. 
  • It also produces other titanium products of the highest quality. The production done by its factories always meets all international standards and confirms to all certifications (like DIN, JIS etc).Titanium pipe
  • North Steel’s titanium production is focused in Shaanxi. Their factories have the latest technology and machinery to produce according to the needs of the future.  
  • Their belief that titanium will play an important role in the manufacturing of tomorrow has led them to continuously upgrade and enhance their production techniques. 
  • For example, their welded tubing is manufactured with one continuous weld line to get optimum results.
  • North Steel’s success not only stems from their excellent manufacturing, but also from their ability to maintain a comprehensive stock inventory. 
  • It allows them to keep track of their production and sales and eliminates many problems. This in turn translates into outstanding customer service and prompt delivery of product orders.
  •  Over many years, they have improved upon their methods and processes to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of titanium pipes and tubing.