Kroger Feedback: The Success Story of Kroger

Kroger is a leading supermarket chain of stores in United States which operates its business through nearly 2,800 Kroger stores (including its subsidiaries). These stores have been established in over 135 years of Kroger’s existence. Kroger and its over two dozen subsidiaries cover nearly half of the North American region. Kroger owners started business with mere $400, but progress of this company is amazing. There’s hardly any person living in an American state who may not be familiar with Kroger’s name or may not be a customer of Kroger or any of its subsidiaries.

Shopping at Kroger’s successful stores

Shopping at Kroger or its subsidiaries offer many benefits because Kroger understands significance of customer loyalty. Kroger issues loyalty cards, VIC cards, to its customers to avail benefits of regular shopping through impressive deals. Kroger also added gas station in its business and combined benefits. You can understand how impressive is KrogerFeedback and how good is Kroger’s policy of customer satisfaction. The company grew consistently from its policy in favor of its loyal customers. The company also created a massive network of its customers in most North American states, in east of US in particular. Kroger came up with Harris Teeter, a chain of its neighborhood stores and pharmacy, and created a big business in few years of its existence. You can also see the progress of many other Kroger subsidiaries. Kroger and its subsidiaries offer advantages of both offline and online shopping to their customers.

Kroger’s success

If you read Kroger Feedback in depth, you may find more details about success story of this company. Its journey of success begun in 1883 when it started its business and proceeded with opening of its second store in 1884. It further progressed with new ownership and 1980s expansion. Its further expansion was observed in 1990s and 2000s but it has not ended yet, and it is not likely to end in future.