Is The IFCJ Charity A Good One? Let’s Answer That Question Today


If you are not familiar with the IFCJ, it basically stands for the International Federation for Christians and Jews and is an organization made for exactly that – to help Christians and Jews everywhere. It is a necessity given their struggles and how much they have had to work hard to recover from their losses.

But foundations like this one along with the JDC (Jewish Joint Distribution Centre) ensure that the community can persevere through all of the hardships that come along the way. Their charity is pretty wide and varied in nature and it allows for a greater number of people to be positively affected by said charity.

Are They Any Good?

Given the kind of organization that they are, it is only natural that they will be judged based on their contributions to society and the people of their race. It is safe to say that they do this job well as the positive IFCJ ratings everywhere tend to signify.

The charity itself is able to raise quite a large sum of money and from it, 65% is used on different types of program activities while the rest is used for the fundraising itself. It does not accumulate any percentage of the funds and the board members do not earn anything for themselves. Is IFCJ a good charity you ask again?

Not only that, the organization goes as far as to provide all of the details in their annual reports that includes stuff like their programs, the necessary expenditure for those programs and other kinds of statements. There are also options for donors to donate something on their website. So if you are interested in increasing the IFCJ rating furthermore, perhaps you should check this out.

Their Impact

If you check out some IFCJ reviews, you will find that their impact on today’s world has been tremendous. They have achieved most of the objectives that they set out to do if not all of them. You too can be a part of this. Just visit their website and you will find all of the information that you need to do so.