IFCJ Plays a Direct Role to Assemble the Christians and the Jews

IFCJ is the product of Yechiel Eckstein’s genius

Yechiel Eckstein is hailed as the founder of IFCJ which stands as a charitable association. At first the association was established as ‘Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews.’It wasrenamed IFCJ or ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’in the year 1991 with a view to uphold a good bonding between the Christians and the Jews.

ifcj reviews

IFCJ is not only excellent but also anexceptional charity

If you ask a question that Is IFCJ a good charity? Then you must know that the Christians and the Jews shared a very bitter relationship in history. In fact over 2000 years the Christians and the Jews maintained their prolonged dispute leading to a chaos.

Yechiel Eckstein promised to put a stop to this quarrel and set up IFCJ thereby paving the way to encourage understanding and collaboration among the Christians and the Jews. His goal also included building ‘broad support’ for Israel.

The association has its headquarters in countries like Jerusalem and Chicago. It is under the supervision of a board of directors who are independent enough to run the organization. These ‘board of directors’ include members from both Christian and Jew community.

ifcj reviewsRegarding IFCJ Ratingit is worth of mention that in 2018 the Charity Navigator gave International Fellowship of Christians and Jews a ‘3 star rating.’

While speaking of IFCJ Ratings one thing should be borne in minds that a renowned website ‘Better Business Bureau’ (in short BBB) plays an important role in providing IFCJ clients with information. This information has been provided on a regular basis that enhanced the rating.

In the month of May of 2010 Isaac Herzog, the Minister of Israel concerning Welfare plus Social Services endowed Eckstein with an award. This award was first and the foremost award regarding his exceptional contribution for the welfare of the denizens of Israel. If you go through the IFCJ Reviews carefully you will find that the charity conducts special programmes on which the ‘Fellowship’s outreach’ focus for enhancingits ratings.