IFCJ is one of the Few Campaigns Rabbi Eckstein Set up To Improve the Condition of His Community  

When the whole world was trying their bit to rehabilitate the Jews who suffered in the hands of Nazis, a Rabbi named Yechiel Eckstein did his bit to improve their life.

Childhood and influencing factors:

Influenced by the Jewish philosophy at a very young age Rabbi Eckstein went on to set up a fellowship which did wonders in helping the tortured Jewish. The Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein son of the chief Rabbi of Canada, he was influenced by the philosophy at a very young age. When Eckstein moved to New York to complete his bachelor’s degree, he took Jewish philosophy as his major and later went on to get himself ordained to become a Rabbi.

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

The man single-handedly went to a great length to help the Holocaust survivors which he came across during his time at ADL. He tried to educate and inspire them by interpreting several quotes from the Bible which stated that Jews were the god’s chosen one.

The birth of IFCJ:

Later he realized, he is not going to get much help from the ADL and went on to set up his fellowship program called International Fellowship of Christian and Jews or IFCJ which did extraordinary work in raising funds which later used in the betterment of the particular community. Apart from his fellow program, he set up other campaigns like bringing the Ethiopian Jews back to Israel or the estranged Jews from the communist-ruled countries. The IFCJ reviews are the glowing prove about how successful he was in his attempt.

The hardship he faced in protecting his brainchild:

As the fellowship was the brainchild of Eckstein, to support his family financially, he was forced to work as a part-time Rabbi and part-time wedding singer. In 2001, he moved to Israel and got citizenship of the country the year after. In spite of all his efforts, even Eckstein brushed his shoulder with controversy from time to time. As the evangelicals were prime donors in the program, it received severe flakes from his critics as they felt a tension being created between the two communities.