IFCJ has Programs that Can Help the Jews

While speaking to Yael Eckstein, one can understand that her organization, the ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)’ is quite serious regarding the plight of poor and needy Jews all over the world. The IFCJ has Yael Ecksteina specially designed program called the ‘On Wings of Eagles’ that is aimed at identifying Jews who need that help to come back to their own country and start a dignified life. It is very bold exercise considering the fact that Jews are there worldwide and it may not be very easy to locate them yet a start has been made by the organization. Yael Eckstein further adds that these people are provided a meaningful life once they are back home and the complete program is funded by donations Some of the other noteworthy points are as follows.

  • The Fellowship funds the aliyah (immigration) – After speaking to Yael Eckstein, one can get an idea that the Fellowship is working on a very grand level. When a desolate Jew is identified and is ready for aliyahYael Eckstein (immigration), everything is funded by the Fellowship on his behalf. It is a very brave way of expressing support for the person and the person will never forget such a help throughout life. It can also help in bolstering deep respect for the Fellowship as well as the society and the country which can have amazing results.
  • The klitah (resettlement) is also funded by them – ‘On Wings of Eagles’ is a program that is purely dedicated for bringing back the Jews who may be stranded in different corners of the world. On coming back, the klitah (resettlement cost) is also borne by the organization on behalf of the person. It can be such a nice gesture and help for any desperate soul that can inspire the person to work towards making a more meaningful life. Moreover, a person who is there within his own society can feel a lot more secure and at home than anywhere else.

The worldwide Jewish population has got a fillip from the efforts of IFCJ due to which there is a very good vibe for the Fellowship all around.