How Understanding & Cooperation Between Two Communities Helped People

Social welfare is a great cause that includes philanthropy and benevolent activities to help the poor and needy people, the people who really need help from their own or other communities. The concept of people in a certain community helping underprivileged people of their own community is common for last many centuries, but the concept of understanding and cooperation between two different communities came very later in the world.

Understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians

IFCJThe good example of this collaboration is IFCJ, the objective of which was to build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. This was possible by promoting understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians who had 2000-year old history of dissonance that was required to be transformed to a relationship. The understanding and cooperation could be developed through dialogue and respect.

Achievements of IFCJIFCJ

IFCJ reviews reflect true picture of the achievements of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or “the Fellowship” which is governed by an independent board of directors that plays a big role in bridging gaps between beliefs of Jewish and Christian communities. The effective role IFCJ’s leadership holds great responsibility in maintaining IFCJ rating. The Fellowship has ever done a good job for communities and for this reason, IFCJ ratings have improved. Since the time, the Fellowship was founded and headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein till his death in February this year, people from both Jewish and Christian faith groups shared strong beliefs of this to a larger group of people in these communities.

How IFCJ became a good charity

The fellowship progressed and received enormous contributions and donations from mostly Christians, regardless of the fact that advantage of these donations largely went to Jews. Some people asked, “Is IFCJ a good charity?” They got the answer to their entire satisfaction. There is everything transparent about this charity organization and most people across the globe are familiar with the truth.