How are the finance related matters administered by the IFCJ?


The finance related issues of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews are administered by the department who is responsible for this. The Fellowship is regarded as a non-profit organization by the IRS. IFCJ ratingsThe Wise Giving Alliance of the Business Bureau takes the submission made by the IFCJ. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews were the first non-profit organization in 2004 who displayed the BBB Charity Seal. This is an easy reply to “Is IFCJ a good charity?”

Financial issues of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

 In the year 2015, since their tax was returned so a significant amount of money was contributed which was a hefty sum of $132 million? The IFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings increased to a significant amount after that. This sum was much more than the previous year’s donation which was around $129 million. It was even greater than the contribution that was made in the year of 212 which was around $113. IFCJ ratingsIn this exact same year the Founder of the IFCJ, Mr. Yechiel Eckstein earned a sum of $909,636 as the salary and the base compensation of being $670,439 with other benefits summed up to $239,197.


The total finance of that particular year is stated by the independent agency, which is also said to be an American charity watchdog. According to the agency 76% of total expenditure that the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews made was on social service programs and other welfare schemes, 10.5% of the total expenditure was on administrative affairs including salaries of the members, 13.4% were on procedure that included fund raising matters. The IFCJ is a non-profit organization so as a result it the IFCJ rating is quite high. Amazing advancements and outcomes were seen in the recent years and with every passing day IFCJ is proving itself to be one of the best non-profit organizations.