High IFCJ Ratings Have Helped Them Generate More Revenue

The IFCJ reviews by different independent third-party assessing firms came at a time when the program was going through turmoil due to the series of money laundering accusations against the firm and its founder Rabbi Epstein.

IFCJ ratingThe IFCJ ratings which these auditing firms provided seriously managed to control the damage and also help Rabbi Epstein clear his name from any money laundering allegations. Rabbi Epstein wanted to help the Jewish community and wanted to bridge the gap between the Christian and Jewish and remove all the mistrust built of years.

In the start of the IFCJ or the International Fellowship for Christian and IFCJ ratingsJews, he took financial assistance from evangelicals with whom the Jewish community had a long-standing feud.

The ratings provided by different audit firms:

Along with the IFCJ rating the CIC or Charity Intelligence Canada also stated that the program is one of the best directed towards the betterment of the Jewish community. The reviews helped the people to remove questions like “Is IFCJ a good charity?” completely from their mind. For every dollar we donate, the firm uses sixty-eight cents from each dollar and uses it in charitable work.

The other part of the money gets spend on fundraisers and other expenses of the firm. The fundraisers are very necessary for the program as the donations are vital for the program to run smoothly.

The need for the fundraisers:

The cash reserve of the program is good enough to last for a few weeks making it essential to organize fundraisers. The Board of Directors makes all the budgetary decisions via votes and also sets the direction of the program. Over the years, the program has done some exemplary work in helping Jewish people by providing food, shelter and monetary benefits.

The fellowship also helped to bring the Jews back to Israel back from the Soviet Union; though this initiative received a mixed response from different sections of the society. The fellowship also played a leading role in helping the Holocaust survivors of the Second World War.