Global Level Energy Control Measures by Roberto Casula

So, all of us are talking about energy conservation, greenhouse gases and emissions.  In fact, the world is talking about it. Here, we will talk about the MIT Energy Initiative, today. Basically, it is the department for studies and researches on energy and its conservation techniques and global education.

Aim of MIT

The main aim of MIT is to solve all the issues, pertaining to new developments in areas of energy conservation. The motto is to reduce carbon foot-print in the globe. This will have a bearing on the climate change on a global level.

So, Roberto Casula has the opportunity to address the issues relating to this global subject.

The Oil and Gas Industry has many commercial implications, worldwide. However, the point was to provide access to cleaner and sustainable resources and renewable energy. We all thrive on energy, may be in some form or the other.  Our main aim has to use it in a mindful manner.

Roberto Casula

We are continuously reading in various newspapers and dailies that the climate is changing for the worse every other day. So, the point of holding the meet is to educate people to find out more non-intrusive modes of energy evolution.

Better Utilization of Resources

Roberto Casula ENI has stressed through his lecture, on better utilization of our earth’s resources. He has explained that we are on the verge of a population explosion and so are our energy demands. Both are inter-connected to one another.

 All Secretaries, be it the UN or the General Secretary has agreed with what, he had to say on energy conservation and sustenance. Various countries around the world are consuming energy to the mark of 5000 kilowatt hours and more.

Unless and until, we stop this neglect towards our environment, we will be losing our energy resources on earth and also lead to the depletion o9f the ozone layer.