Get To Know him and Facilities His S.P.A Offers

Roberto Casula, at the initial stage of his career as a Reservoir Engineer (in the Agip S.p.A) was in charge of testing of production and logs. The next move in his career was marked by his supervision of the creative process of reservoirs. Not only at the headquarters but also at a renowned centre at Sophia in France he supervised the process.roberto casula eni

Unbelievable progress in between three years

In the middle of the period between 1997 to 2000, Roberto casula execute his duty as development plus production coordinator in the Milan seat at Eni S.p.A. He deserves special mention in managing all the goings-on relating to the countries of East and west of Africa. The area concerning the Caspian Sea also is also included in this arena.

As one speaks of Eni S.p.A and Roberto Casula or Roberto casula eni, his views that he placed in meetings and conferences comes forward. In this context what should be worth of mention is his presence in the annual conference about GE Gas and oil.roberto casula eni

A part of global conversation on Energy Resources and their utilization

The aim of the above company is to widen the invention of their unique technologies. These skills are used in activities regarding gas and oil to uphold its approach in the field of gas and oil technology. The group also provides scope of opportunities to corresponding sectors that deals with strategic purpose like health.

 The recognition (mainly based on the above panorama) must be made and awareness should be laid upon experience. Again focus should be on human resource concerning training along with growth which in turn contributes to the progress of the community in which the company propagates. The ‘GE Gas and Oil Annual Meeting’ this year was conducted in the exquisite setting of the Opera House at Florence.

The conference upheld Global important discussion on Energy Resources as well as their utilization in which Roberto Casula put forward his views.