Frocentric Events for Black Men & Women

Communities have built their status through special efforts done by people of their own communities. By earning and giving back to your community makes a big difference in the way you can help people of your community. This idea was conceived, the efforts were made, and a website was created to bring people of black community under a single


The development of the website set a new example of community helping own community. The concept is not new because communities have ever helped their own community for many centuries. The idea is new which was conceptualized by Wil J, the founder of this platform who himself is black and whose mission is to help black businesses through the support of financially strong black people.

Frocentric: modus operandi

The website organizes events for black community and brings hosts and participants on one platform. The earnings of events are invested to support businesses of black community. The website displays events, both featured and upcoming, and tickets for these events are sold on the website.


Let’s have a look at few events. Black Women Connect! Book Club – March Meeting and “The Shape of Woman” an Art Show, both featured and free events for black women have been scheduled on 29th and 30th March respectively. The first event is for black women in Toronto wanting to meet new people and create new networks. The second event is an exhibit of collection of art. Black Professionals – North of Atlanta is an upcoming free event for men, scheduled on 6th April. These are just examples. But there are many more featured and scheduled events.

How events help

You select events and become a part of these events. Your participation in these events in whatsoever way helps your community. This is a big achievement of and a movement in positive direction which was the objective when the website was developed.