ETA visa, names and nationalities

If you are operating a business that requires you to travel overseas, especially to Australia, then you may want to check online for “visa Australia” and see if you have better options when it comes to applying for Australiaone to head down under. The fact is that when it comes to applying for visa, you would be required to head to the nearest Australian consulate, stand in line for hours, and subject yourself to an interview process before you are even approved for one. But if you happen to reside on one of the 50 nations that Australia has tagged as visa exempt nations, then you can apply for an ETA or electronic travel authorization, which is a multiple entry visa.

The name:

When you are applying for an ETA to Australia, it should be pointed out that Australiaall your documentation which mainly consists of your passport must be valid, authentic and in order. Furthermore, you need to use the same name that is listed on your passport when you apply for your ETA. And given that people from different nationalities have their own way of spelling out their names; chances are that most of them would be longer than the given 24 characters. In which case, only the first 24 characters of the name contained in your original application would be listed.

Dual nationalities:

If you happen to have dual nationalities, then the ETA would require you to choose one or the other, when applying for your ETA to visit Australia. But please note that you need to remember which nationality you had chosen since the same would be on file against your name; so that when you apply for an ETA again, you would be required to choose the same nationality to avoid any confusion or cause your application to e rejected the second time around.