Distinction in Men & Women Health Supplements

Worldwide supplement industry has raised to a multibillion-dollar industry in past few years. The reason is apparent; exceedingly high demand created by people’s appetite for multivitamins. Vitamins and minerals have been supplements Canadasourced through natural foods since the time human was born on this earth. There was no vitamin industry in the past, but people never faced a deficiency. As this industry grew and people started substituting their natural sources of vitamins and minerals by multivitamin supplements, a boon was created for this industry. A multivitamin industry is linked to pharmaceutical industry because most multivitamin supplements are produced by pharma companies.

Trend of gender-specific multivitamins

A new trend of gender-specific multivitamins has emerged in the recent past. There’s a question whether separate vitamins are needed for men and women? There is no clear-cut answer to this question because vitamin

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needs of men and women are usually same, except little bit change in the proportion in which they should be taken. National Nutrition, a website for vitamins and supplements, mentions of separate vitamins for men and women. Some other sites also display gender-specific multivitamins. When we talk of a supplement, say GlucoSmart, we don’t distinguish between its need for men and women. The distinction in this supplement is rather based on the sugar level regulation required in the body.

When separate vitamins are needed for men and women health

The concept of separate multivitamins for men and women has become popular, but it is very specific. Let’s see how? Men may specifically need vitamin E for prostate health and antioxidant protection, L-arginine for sexual health and blood vessel tone, L-glutamine for skeletal muscle and immune response, and magnesium for nerve and muscle function. Women may specifically need calcium for bone strength, iron for cellular energy metabolism, and biotin for normal protein metabolism for hair, skin and nails. When you buy supplements Canada, you can observe this distinction in the specifically designed supplements for men and women health.