“Book of the Month” has Added New Dimensions

The subscription commerce firm, “Book of the Month” has been a success since its launch in 2015 and much of it can be attributed to its dynamic CEO, John Lippmann.

John LippmannHe has ensured that the literary subscription company offers new products to the customers along with the best experience of reading. The company has also been able to re brand the sector in a way so that there is more interest among readers. Once again, the credit for this innovation again goes to the CEO and his team.

The team has made sure that many new features have been introduced for subscribers who can enjoy the latest releases sitting back at their home. In this regard, it must be mentioned here that John Lippmann has introduced certain aspects that have proved to be a game changer for the company, some of which are mentioned here.

  • ‘Credit roll over’ is an amazing idea – The introduction of ‘credit roll over’ scheme for subscribers by the subscription commerce firm has only meant that more people have been added to its prospective list. As there is a growing clamor for the products from the company, this idea has only helped people who may be devoid of time and as such may not spend much time reading each month. Therefore, now a subscriber can easily transfer the credit from a month to the next without any problem and that won’t hurt the subscriber’s sale history or the company’s revenue.
  • Detail has gone into packaging the product – Under John Lippmann, a major focus has gone into packaging the items that go to the subscribers each month. The bright blue box that is used at present to send the literary products was conceptualized after he joined the operations. It has had a massive impact on its customers as most of them have liked the idea immensely. It is also a type of alarm for the dedicated reader so that they can leave their other pre-occupation and get involved with their month’s subscription.

There is no doubt that the CEO has helped the company’s profile in a massive way.