Best Universities in Alabama – A complete guide

Although many parts of the United States experiences harsh weather conditions yet, Alabama is known for its good weather. Perhaps, snow is a rare event in this state, because of the great weather and top prestigious universities, people across the world travel to Alabama universities to pursue their education. When students earn a minimum of 60 hours while pursuing their bachelor’s degree, they will be eligible for the Alabama class ring, a real treasure to most students who are studying graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Knowing the top universities of Alabama

The University of Alabama is famous for its academic degrees and some of its popular courses majorly involve Business Management, Marketing, Engineering, Journalism, Communication engineering, health science, Family and consumer science and, few others.

There are almost 61 colleges and universities in this state, and when you ask, which is the largest university? it is probably the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa having an amazing number in enrollment. About 36K students enrolled in 2014 fall. Fall is usually the beginning of the academic year for most universities United States, Canada and the UK.

Let us see some of the top universities in Alabama

  • The Troy University – This University is known from award winning academic opportunities to stimulating athletic activities. Students from this university are top notching all across the world.
  • The University of Alabama-It is a public research university providing a wealth of knowledge to their students. Their legacy remains for ages with their astounding work and education. One of the interesting aspects of this university is the ring tradition. Alabama class ring is presented to the alumni and undergraduate students to honor them in the midst of family and friends.


  • Closing Thoughts

When you want to experience the overall excellence of academic program, you cannot experience unless you study in the best universities.