Present & Future of Robotic Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Roberto Casula is a cardiac surgeon and researcher who has expertise in using minimally invasive advance cardiac surgery techniques. He holds specialized skill in robotic surgery. He is a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Imperial College London.roberto casula

Introduction of robotic cardiac surgery

Robotics in cardiac surgery was introduced nearly three decades ago, in late 1990s, but this technique required a special infrastructure in the hospital and very skilled surgeon who could effectively use robotic arm for surgical procedure. The fundament of this technique is laparoscopy which was introduced at the end of 1980s. The robotic surgery came a decade after introduction of laparoscopy, but its results were encouraging from the beginning. Few surgeons like Roberto Casula had a skill to use this technique in the field of cardiac surgery. Two major fields of cardiac surgery: mitral valve surgery and coronary artery revascularization use robotics as an effective procedure. Robotic telemanipulation systems are used to perform robotic surgeries.

Robotics: An era of automation in cardiac surgery

Robotics initiated an era of automation in the field of surgery and its success rates in mitral valve repair, minimal need for coronary reintervention and relatively low morbidity profile depicted remarkable clinical outcomes. The exclusive feature of robotic systems is organ-mounted robots that assist a cardiac surgeon in various ways; a surgeon is assisted autonomously to access to the organ, manipulation of heart and heart tissue’s motion compensation, without stopping heart beats. However, robotic cardiac procedures suffer due to barriers of high costs, hospital infrastructure, and lack of clinical skills.roberto casula

A fast-growing concept of modern time

The countries such as US, UK, and some other European countries, the barriers are eliminated due to affordability factor. In UK, the skill of Roberto Casula is a great advantage to train more surgeons in the field of robotic cardiac surgery. This innovation has been infused in the market of cardiac surgery and this has become a fast-growing concept. The results are encouraging and future of robotic cardiac surgery is also bright.

Get To Know him and Facilities His S.P.A Offers

Roberto Casula, at the initial stage of his career as a Reservoir Engineer (in the Agip S.p.A) was in charge of testing of production and logs. The next move in his career was marked by his supervision of the creative process of reservoirs. Not only at the headquarters but also at a renowned centre at Sophia in France he supervised the process.roberto casula eni

Unbelievable progress in between three years

In the middle of the period between 1997 to 2000, Roberto casula execute his duty as development plus production coordinator in the Milan seat at Eni S.p.A. He deserves special mention in managing all the goings-on relating to the countries of East and west of Africa. The area concerning the Caspian Sea also is also included in this arena.

As one speaks of Eni S.p.A and Roberto Casula or Roberto casula eni, his views that he placed in meetings and conferences comes forward. In this context what should be worth of mention is his presence in the annual conference about GE Gas and oil.roberto casula eni

A part of global conversation on Energy Resources and their utilization

The aim of the above company is to widen the invention of their unique technologies. These skills are used in activities regarding gas and oil to uphold its approach in the field of gas and oil technology. The group also provides scope of opportunities to corresponding sectors that deals with strategic purpose like health.

 The recognition (mainly based on the above panorama) must be made and awareness should be laid upon experience. Again focus should be on human resource concerning training along with growth which in turn contributes to the progress of the community in which the company propagates. The ‘GE Gas and Oil Annual Meeting’ this year was conducted in the exquisite setting of the Opera House at Florence.

The conference upheld Global important discussion on Energy Resources as well as their utilization in which Roberto Casula put forward his views.

Statistical Report on Crude Oil and Petroleum from Eni

Roberto Casula headed Eni presented the following report on crude oils and petroleum which might be beneficial for the upcoming new industries to follow. Crude oil is the untreated oil which is refined to form petroleum. It exists in liquid form in the underground basins of sandstone hosted rocks with shale cap rocks.roberto casula

Origin of petroleum

These oils mainly form due to subjection of dead remains of plants and animals to stress for millions of years. Petroleum is mainly produced from dead remains of microplanktons. Under preservation in anaerobic conditions with suitable depth of burial the organisms slowly liberate the fatty substances from their dead remains which form huge reserves of petroleum.

When the microplanktons are dated, its record turned out to be older than the existence of dinosaurs. Thus, after undergoing millions of years of lithification and preservation, crude oil evolved with commercial values. Natural products derived from crude oils are being used by multiple industries. Crude oils are mainly complexed of hydrocarbons. Thus, it can be used as natural gas as well if it is preserved in optimum conditions of heat and pressure in the subsurface lithology of the earth.roberto casula

Statistical report

Some of Roberto Casula Eni statistical reports of 2017 related to petroleum industry in USA is as follows:

  • Production values of petroleum including crude oil, renewable fuels and other petroleum liquids are about 14,283000 barrels daily.
  • Crude oil production itself in US was about 9,355,000 barrels daily
  • Imports of crude oils in US was about 7,912,000 barrels per day
  • Imports of other valuable products of petroleum was about 2,163,000 barrels daily
  • Net import of petroleum in United States itself was about 3,732,000 barrels per day
  • As of 2017, it was estimated that United States are dependent on petroleum imports by about 19%.

Advantages of filing bankruptcy

There are a lot of advantages when you file bankruptcy and this would happen only when the things are handled professionally. If you are unaware of the procedures by yourself then, it is important to hire the BLC Law Center bankruptcy Lawyers who would be able to assist you thoroughly in understanding all the details related to bankruptcy.

  • Property would be intact

A lot of people who file bankruptcy have come out successfully without losing any of their property and this can happen when you are hiring BLC Law Center bankruptcy Lawyers. There are a lot of procedures involved when you file bankruptcy and if you’re genuine more often than not you would not lose anything.

  • Financial counseling

Usually most of the people who go through the bankruptcy phase might as well be asked to take financial counseling and with this you would be able to understand everything about finance management. This can help you to manage your accounts and finance properly in the future and this is one of the greatest advantages of filing bankruptcy with the help of BLC Law Center bankruptcy Lawyers.

  • Automatic stay on all the debt

You might have taken a lot of loans from various people and all of these would stay away from you when you file bankruptcy and this can be one of the greatest reliefs because with the number of letters, warnings, emails and notices from these people you might have ended up losing peace as well. Since the court puts an automatic stay, there would be an end to all these nuisances as well.

  • You can improve your credit score

When you file bankruptcy, you would have a record of it for the next 7-10 years and in this window you would be able to improve your credit score largely.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Online Betting on Sports

Betting is popular from very old time, but sports betting has popularized in contemporary time. Betting on horse race is a tradition of gambling, existing since many decades, when people used to go to Race Course to bet on various breeds of racing horses.Agen Judi Bola This way of betting is still prevailing, but betting on sports is on the rise for last two or three decades. The credit goes to internet technology which has created an opportunity to bet on live sports without going to a sport stadium. A bettor needn’t watch live game, but he can make a prediction before the match and place his odds.

Sports betting

In sports betting, ball sports such as basketball, beach soccer, football, handball, and volleyball have more popularized. Football betting is very Agen Judi Bolapopular which can conveniently be done online by joining situs bola online.

Sports betting has been legalized in some parts of the globe and generating huge revenues as more and more people place bets on various sports. Sports betting is entertaining and it has good feasibility of making handsome money in a short span of time.

Benefits of sports betting

Football is most popular sport on which bets are placed. You can join Agen Judi Bola to proceed with betting. There are many benefits of sport betting, but you shouldn’t ignore its drawbacks. It is a good way of investing money for high returns. You have more fun in this betting by participating in different sports. If you are a skilled mathematician, you’ll find more fun in this way of betting by creating different gambling strategies. You can also use cryptocurrencies for sports betting.

Drawbacks of sports betting

You cannot be ignorant in sports betting and there’s no sure shot to success in betting. You can’t take risk with your hard-earned money and without a mathematical skill. A poor may become rich, but a rich may also become poor, if betting is done recklessly.

Cherish the memories you spend in the university with the University of Alabama class rings

In the most recent times, the newly established universities make sure that they provide everything to the students in order to make them feel special. There are many occasion on which the universities provide the students with specialised rings in the form of a class ring. The Alabama class ring and other various class rings of a similar kind are provided to students of all the classes. This kind of rings is also specially ordered for those who are currently representing the last year of their university days.alabama class ring

How does the Alabama class ring help?

This kind of a loving gesture shows the utmost love and care which the faculty member of the institutes has for their students. Having to cater their emotional value in this kind by providing the Alabama class ring to each and every graduating student in such a way really makes the students feel the warmth of the love and affection which the teachers have for them.

How to make an order for class ring supplies?

In order to get such kind of rings for the students of the university, what a person requires to do is to get hold of a supplier who deals in such kind of class rings or university of Alabama rings. With the help of the supplier, the event manager can thus contact the designer accompanied by who, the final design of the class rings shall be formulated. Once it is done, the order is placed by the university authorities and the distribution of the same is duly made.alabama class ring

Going along with the trend, have your own University of Alabama class ring ordered

The trend of providing the students with such a kind of ring was also seen previously but in the most recent times, such kind of activities have risen to an exponential rate. This kind of behaviour allows the students to keep all the memories which they had spent within the bounding walls of the university premises, all the memories are thus taken back safely as every student of the university clearly graduates and move on with their lives in the more practical world. Having such a kind of University of Alabama class rings as a memento helps them to cherish their age-old memories and belonging from the university.

Services of movil crack

Mobile phones are commonly used and when a technical device is used, it comes with a lot of services needed. It is not that you buy a phone and you stay relaxed at certain point of time, your phone takes your attention by asking for different kinds of services. Your phone might get broken; the battery can get defective, etc. https://www.movilcrack.comso you need technical service provider like movilcrack who can guide you with the technical services need.

Mobile phone services
Movil crack is the company which is well known for offering its mobile phone services. Their main goal is to give 100% satisfaction to its customers. The customers can be rest assured when you visit the company. They understand that your phone is important and it needs technical service at regular intervals. You can get any kind of terminal services from They have more than 10 years of experience in the mobile phone technical services industry. They are thus considered as the leaders of the industry. People usually doubt that a provider offering great services may charge higher. https://www.movilcrack.comBut you can get a quote from and can compare it with other company’s quotes. You will be surprised with the quotations for your mobile phone repairing.

Have your terminal dropped on ground and needs some technical service in shortest time? is the perfect place which can offer you with the services. They have the specialized centre and you can get the best quote for fixing your mobile. They have the experienced experts in the repairing field for smartphones and thus more and more people trust the company. They have the team of professionals which will attend you in much personalised manner. This ensures an effect way of approaching your mobile phone services.

Should You Include or Not E-cigarette in Your Life?

The current century has seen rapid increase in use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and it refers to vaping. This trend has emerged because vaping is considered superior over cigarette smoking.

Valid reasons to use e-cigarette

e-cigaretterYou may not be familiar how vaping is superior to smoking, but this is true. Let’s consider the following aspects to validate this statement.

  • Vaping such as e-cigaretter are the devices used by high-end users. This method is sometimes considered as a status symbol for aristocrat gentlemen.
  • Vaping is quite safer compared to conventional cigarette smoking from health and other perspectives.
  • Vaping may appear expensive practice at once to few individuals, but it is less expensive in the long run due to reuse of a single device for multiple time use for many years.
  • Vaping helps its users to enjoy multiple assorted flavors of e-væske.
  • Vaping is environment-friendly. It has least risk of secondhand and thirdhand exposures.

Why you should avoid e-cigarette use

The above characteristics of vaping provide valid reasons to use e-cigaret, e-cigaretterbut don’t elaborate reasons to discard its use. Every practice has advantages and drawbacks. Like cigarette smoking has many drawbacks, vaping too has drawbacks, though not as many as in cigarette smoking.

We may not be concerned with minor issues, but health is always a major concern. The use of electronic cigarettes is associated with both common and potential health effects. Due to rapid use of e-cigarette use, the researchers have also rapidated their efforts to explore potential long-term hazards of this practice. The major concerns are damage to lungs, immunity issues, and serum cotinine levels. Electronic cigarettes have been accepted as a best alternative to smoking cessation, but without thorough consideration of the major health issues that need to be pinpointed. Electronic cigarettes are not too bad, but not as good as deemed to be. You can think either way and decide whether to use them or not.

Distinction in Men & Women Health Supplements

Worldwide supplement industry has raised to a multibillion-dollar industry in past few years. The reason is apparent; exceedingly high demand created by people’s appetite for multivitamins. Vitamins and minerals have been supplements Canadasourced through natural foods since the time human was born on this earth. There was no vitamin industry in the past, but people never faced a deficiency. As this industry grew and people started substituting their natural sources of vitamins and minerals by multivitamin supplements, a boon was created for this industry. A multivitamin industry is linked to pharmaceutical industry because most multivitamin supplements are produced by pharma companies.

Trend of gender-specific multivitamins

A new trend of gender-specific multivitamins has emerged in the recent past. There’s a question whether separate vitamins are needed for men and women? There is no clear-cut answer to this question because vitamin

supplements Canada

needs of men and women are usually same, except little bit change in the proportion in which they should be taken. National Nutrition, a website for vitamins and supplements, mentions of separate vitamins for men and women. Some other sites also display gender-specific multivitamins. When we talk of a supplement, say GlucoSmart, we don’t distinguish between its need for men and women. The distinction in this supplement is rather based on the sugar level regulation required in the body.

When separate vitamins are needed for men and women health

The concept of separate multivitamins for men and women has become popular, but it is very specific. Let’s see how? Men may specifically need vitamin E for prostate health and antioxidant protection, L-arginine for sexual health and blood vessel tone, L-glutamine for skeletal muscle and immune response, and magnesium for nerve and muscle function. Women may specifically need calcium for bone strength, iron for cellular energy metabolism, and biotin for normal protein metabolism for hair, skin and nails. When you buy supplements Canada, you can observe this distinction in the specifically designed supplements for men and women health.

Jennifer Hudson’s Maintainable Weight Loss

You know celebs are more conscious about their body weight because this has direct relation with their profession. Audiences are appealed by the sexy body and gorgeous look of their favorite stars. Do you think most celebrities get fame by their performance? This is half-truth because their appealing body plays an important role to earn fame in the industry. Jennifer Hudson weight lossYou can’t say that celebrities don’t eat or they don’t have food craving. There are stories of celebrities who gained weight, but made efforts to maintain their weight within no time.

Jennifer Hudson’s secret of losing 80 pounds

One Oscar winner celeb was interviewed in 2017 on the British daytime talk show Lorraine. Do you know who this celeb was? She was Jennifer Hudson, a singer-actress, who started her career in the industry in 2004, but she earned many nominations and awards, including prestigious Oscar award, in her career. She is still active, but there was once a hurdle in her success story. Jennifer Hudson weight lossFood temptation is a part of most people’s life and Jennifer Hudson too had this temptation. She gave birth to a son in 2009 and immediately got extra pounds on her body. Jennifer Hudson weight loss secret of losing 80 pounds weight was revealed in her 2017 interview on Lorraine.

Jennifer Hudson’s maintainable weight

Jennifer Hudson is maintaining her weight despite including chocolates in her diet. She loves chocolates more than before, but her body weight and size are well-managed. She has her own way of living and eating and she doesn’t make it a secret. She shares it with her audiences and others who wish to have a gorgeous body like Jennifer Hudson. People often look for celebrity weight loss pills or what other methods used by celebrities for quick weight loss. Read on story of Jennifer Hudson fat, if you are interested in maintainable weight loss without high food restrictions.

How to do an Effective Apartment Search?

It is of no secret that living in New York City is darn expensive. New York City’s cost of living have almost reached the skyline and the housing plays a big part of it. The city is home to the second priciest rental real estate. The average apartment rent in Manhattan is $4188. Since, you are going to spend a massive amount in rental while you are looking for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, there are few things to keep in thought process.

Ways to do an Effective Apartment Search

When you are tired and bored of your conventional homes, you will get a real good experience with apartment life. In fact, getting into your first apartment is going to be super exciting but at the same time it is a big, intimidating change. There are plethora of factors to think upon that you’ll probably be left with your head spinning like a tornado. However, this article will make your life way easier

  • Upfront Costs– When you are looking for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, you should not think only about the rent and the budget, rather it includes other things which are typically called the upfront cost that majorly involve the application fees, your security deposit, and often having to pay a month’s rent in advance. So, ideally you should to be prepared for all these expenses and plan accordingly
  • Where to do your search – When you don’t want to spend extra cost on brokerage and if you are more familiar with real estate, then you are good enough to begin your search with newspapers, classifieds, hunter publications, public bulletin boards for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ.


Before getting the keys check for the preexisting issues and avoid later charges.

Kroger Feedback: The Success Story of Kroger

Kroger is a leading supermarket chain of stores in United States which operates its business through nearly 2,800 Kroger stores (including its subsidiaries). These stores have been established in over 135 years of Kroger’s existence. Kroger and its over two dozen subsidiaries cover nearly half of the North American region. Kroger owners started business with mere $400, but progress of this company is amazing. There’s hardly any person living in an American state who may not be familiar with Kroger’s name or may not be a customer of Kroger or any of its subsidiaries.

Shopping at Kroger’s successful stores

Shopping at Kroger or its subsidiaries offer many benefits because Kroger understands significance of customer loyalty. Kroger issues loyalty cards, VIC cards, to its customers to avail benefits of regular shopping through impressive deals. Kroger also added gas station in its business and combined benefits. You can understand how impressive is KrogerFeedback and how good is Kroger’s policy of customer satisfaction. The company grew consistently from its policy in favor of its loyal customers. The company also created a massive network of its customers in most North American states, in east of US in particular. Kroger came up with Harris Teeter, a chain of its neighborhood stores and pharmacy, and created a big business in few years of its existence. You can also see the progress of many other Kroger subsidiaries. Kroger and its subsidiaries offer advantages of both offline and online shopping to their customers.

Kroger’s success

If you read Kroger Feedback in depth, you may find more details about success story of this company. Its journey of success begun in 1883 when it started its business and proceeded with opening of its second store in 1884. It further progressed with new ownership and 1980s expansion. Its further expansion was observed in 1990s and 2000s but it has not ended yet, and it is not likely to end in future.

Great Role of Frocentric-like Social Networking Platforms for Black Community

Black community has always been isolated in United States which has created a wave of racial discrimination in this country. A battle has been fought in the form of the civil rights movement in the United States in the 19th century which was a decades-long struggle. The goal of this movement was to enforce constitutional and legal rights for African-Americans who were not being treated at par with innate American population. Martin Luther King Jr. took the initiative of this movement and he continued as an activist to this movement. He was a conspicuous spokesperson of this movement for fourteen years until he was assassinated in 1968.

Efforts of Civil rights Movement in US

black professionals in atlanta

The objective of the civil right movement was very specific, as illustrated above, because Americans treated West African slaves in an indifferent way which was not acceptable to this underprivileged population. Martin Luther King Jr. did a great job for black race settled in the United States, but there was lot more to do after his assassination. Many other black activists continued their efforts to achieve the goal set by late martin Luther King Jr., but it was not so easy because Americans were arduous people who always wanted to maintain dominance over West African slave population.

A new wave of communication

Time has changed and people’s thinking also changed with time. The advent of internet and social interactive networks on internet created a new wave of communication. Let’s consider the example of and other platforms designed especially for black community. The question here is of motivational methods to bring sense of superiority in black community.

Role of social networking

The modern African-American community has made lot of progress since the time their ancestors were brought to United States as slaves. They have become more independent and professionals in these years. Most Americans have also changed their attitude towards them. The role of social network community is great in boosting morale of blacks. The platforms like frocentric are doing their job very well to bring the change.

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High grade jewelry with titanium

            Titanium is the metal which has gained a lot of popularity in the world and it is been used in number of industries at present. Titanium is the material, which is commonly useful in the jewelry industry and clothing industry. It is well known that the metal never gets in contact with the skin and thus it is most suitable for those who are allergic. titanium tubeThe main reason for using titanium tube is that it can work in corrosive atmosphere such as water. The metal is light in usage and also strong.

High grade material

            It is very much difficult to craft the material but still the designers rely on titanium for creating the light pieces of the jewelry which explains that titanium is much lighter than gold. At the end of 1980s, titanium began to be used in the jewelry of higher grade. The metal can be anodized and different colors can be achieved. titanium tubeYou can anode it and achieve the elegant peacock shades easily. The metal has always been popular in titanium tubing and thus the jewelry usage is quite shocking. Titanium jewelry has always impressed the customers with its metallic colors and also for being bio-friendly as compared to stainless steel.


            Titanium pipe is much stronger than the stainless steel and thus it has developed and strong foothold in all the industries. It is much stronger and also offers a better and long life. When the metal is used in contact with skin, it has proved to be skin friendly as it does not get mixed with the allergic metals. People having sensitive skin and prone to allergies can use the titanium jewelry and rings. It can be now considered as the fashion industry metal as the metal is much more versatile than expected.

The testimonies of IFCJ

As far as the Jewish community is concerned, the people from the front have faced a lot of criticism out of nowhere, which makes no sense as well. When it comes their current standards of living, there is always a sense of trouble associated with it. The troubles emerge from the fact that decade’s long prejudice, and even century’s long prejudice has given some trouble to the Jews. IFCJ ratings Whenever, there arises some sense of reputation inside the sight of Jews, they are being troubled up by some other religious group of people, who consider themselves to be superiors in all respects as compared to Jews. However, it is not the reality, for both the groups have contributed into the operations of the world as a system, and therefore, it is a bad element in the environment that tends to threaten the secularism of the world polity.

Keeping this in mind, the IFCJ, an organization of and for Jewish people, has tried to collaborate and cooperate with the Jews, trying to give an equal opportunity to them as well. IFCJ ratingsThe world shall become a place of peace and harmony for every other religious group to find peace into, and as it seems to be, IFCJ ratings and IFCJ reviews have been so long able to maintain the same concept. The IFCJ rating shows that the group of people has been so magnificent in its task, that major patches of Jewish population in the European continent can be quite contented with the works done by them. Is IFCJ a good charity? There is no other option to believe the answer to the question lies on the positive side of it. Therefore, it is always a good structure to feel safe and secure with, as the tasks of IFCJ are simply superb and beneficial for Jews.

The uniqueness of the Jewish community- that makes it special!!!

Jewish learning is really amazing and Judaism is a lovely religion. There are many religions across the globe and every religion follows their certain principles. Personalities like Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein worked hard for the charity and other principles that they used to follow. He worked hard not only for the people of his own community but for the other communities as well. Except for Sikhism and Judaism, you won’t see any other community who believe in charity and do it on a regular basis.

IFCJ reviews

There is a lot more about the community and the charity rules they follow. Basically, the concept of charity came from Yechiel Eckstein. He made an organization named International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) which have clarity over the Jewish rules and the charity process that they follow. People may also check online IFCJ reviews as they are quite interesting and have a lot of information about the Jewish community.

Charity organizations of the Jewish

IFCJ reviewsThe most charitable components of the society are the Jewish, Islam and Sikh and Christian communities. They believe in donations and all the charity programs. The Jewish nonprofit organizations are operating amazingly in the world; you can see IFCJ reviews in order to know more about the Jewish organization.

All about Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

The Jewish people are good at heart. Rabbi Eckstein was born in a very nice family, which had amazingly wealthy army contractors. He was appointed as the rabbi of Navahrudak and he served the place for lie 34 years. He did great charity works during all his lifetime.

The final verdict

Every religion is engaged in charity somehow but you may see the most of it in Judaism. They have an organization in which they aim to help all the poor people who need help. They have helped millions of people across the globe.

Development Needs Wide Reach

Whenever any country talks about the growth, it has to be all round development. Since no nation can promote a specific portion, without taking care of the whole society or the segments involved. IFCJ rating has been able to provide the different meanings to the thought processes, going on inside the brains of the people. Since actions speak louder than words. Israel has witnessed the hampering of future for a long time, without any kind of support from the corners of the world. Is IFCJ a good charity, can easily be answered, by the people who have been able to identify the value of the donations and other actions for the sake of their survival.

IFCJ reviews have provided a sigh of relief, among the people who have been struggling very hard for making it happen. Since it took so long, for the responsible people to bring the needy to the desired situation. In order to make sure, that the requirements of the people are getting met without waiting for the mercy of few communities. You can simply understand the whole concept of the situations prevailing in some parts, irrespective of the high level efforts been performed by the people.  Looking at the IFCJ rating, that proves to be beneficial.

Being the need of an hour, it couldn’t be left ignored. However it is also true, that the required steps were not being taken at the right time. That resulted in the conditions getting worse, after a particular period of time. IFCJ has created a remarkable history for the generation to arrive, so that they can understand the significance of the whole society and the relevance of development as a whole without any kind of lag behind them. Everyone must move together, irrespective of any community or groups.


Advanced Surgical Techniques Are Like Video Game Play for Surgeons

Surgery was a complex procedure before the advent of laparoscopy. This technique was introduced at the end of 1980s and greatly progressed during last two decades of last millennium. The core problem in most complex surgical procedures was accessibility to the operative area by the surgeons. They were required to make long incision to have a wider access and move their tools through entire muscular area to locate the spot where surgical procedure was actually required. This technique used to cause greater degree of damage to the patient’s body and increased risk of wound infection. Moreover, the procedure was associated with prolonged post-surgical recovery.

Laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery

Roberto Casula

Laparoscopy was a beginning of an era of minimally invasive surgery which amply reduced size of incision. We sometimes refer button hole surgery in context with laparoscopy in which an incision of a size of small button is made through which a laparoscope is penetrated inside the body to access an operative area. Laparoscope has a powerful camera that explores right location where surgery is required to be performed. Surgery is also performed through a small incision with precision tools, causing minimal damage to the patient’s body. Which also reduces blood loss to a great extent.

Advance surgical techniques are like video game play

Initially after advent, laparoscope couldn’t find applications in wider areas, except for diagnostic purposes in gynecology and urology, but its applications were made for some complex surgical procedures. Laparoscopy was motivation for medical researchers to invent laparoscope like devices. The advent of laparoscope and beginning of era of minimally invasive surgery created interest in renowned surgeons like Roberto Casula to acquire skills in innovative techniques. Many surgeons have so far got skill in innovative surgical techniques to give their patients most benefits of surgical procedures. Innovative surgical techniques, say robotic surgery is like a video game play for expert surgeons and they can perform surgery when having a sip of coffee.

Is The IFCJ Charity A Good One? Let’s Answer That Question Today

If you are not familiar with the IFCJ, it basically stands for the International Federation for Christians and Jews and is an organization made for exactly that – to help Christians and Jews everywhere. It is a necessity given their struggles and how much they have had to work hard to recover from their losses.

But foundations like this one along with the JDC (Jewish Joint Distribution Centre) ensure that the community can persevere through all of the hardships that come along the way. Their charity is pretty wide and varied in nature and it allows for a greater number of people to be positively affected by said charity.

Are They Any Good?

Given the kind of organization that they are, it is only natural that they will be judged based on their contributions to society and the people of their race. It is safe to say that they do this job well as the positive IFCJ ratings everywhere tend to signify.

The charity itself is able to raise quite a large sum of money and from it, 65% is used on different types of program activities while the rest is used for the fundraising itself. It does not accumulate any percentage of the funds and the board members do not earn anything for themselves. Is IFCJ a good charity you ask again?

Not only that, the organization goes as far as to provide all of the details in their annual reports that includes stuff like their programs, the necessary expenditure for those programs and other kinds of statements. There are also options for donors to donate something on their website. So if you are interested in increasing the IFCJ rating furthermore, perhaps you should check this out.

Their Impact

If you check out some IFCJ reviews, you will find that their impact on today’s world has been tremendous. They have achieved most of the objectives that they set out to do if not all of them. You too can be a part of this. Just visit their website and you will find all of the information that you need to do so.

Everything Thing You Need To Know About Osteoporosis

You must have heard about the condition osteoporose. But how much do you know about it? Let’s take a look at this article in order to know some of the important things about this condition.

What is osteoporosis?

To define it in simple terms, osteoporosis is a kind of bone disease which causes your bones to become brittle and fragile. This particular condition occurs due to a lack of tissues.osteoporose

Our bones have small spaces inside it. Osteoporosis is known to increase the size of these spaces. This eventually leads to loss of strength and bone density. It also causes the outside of the bones to become thin and weak.

Osteoporosis is a very common condition that is mostly seen in elderly people and especially women. People having osteoporosis have increased the risk of getting bone breaks and fractures. Ribs, hips and the bones in our spine and wrist are more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

You may not notice any symptoms in the earlier stages of osteoporosis. In fact, most people do not even know that they have the mentioned condition. However, if you do notice any symptoms, it will include the following:

  1. Weakened grip strength
  2. Brittle and weak nails
  3. Receding Gums


Osteoporosis may get worse, if not treated at the right time. In such a situation the bones will continue to grow thicker and thinner and thus, the chances of getting fractures increases. This is why it is important for you to get osteoporose tratar in time.

To conclude, it can be said that osteoporosis is a deadly disease which can make your bones go weak. It increases the chances of getting fractures as you grow old. This needs to be prevented by taking good care of your bones.