All the necessary data regarding IFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (abbreviated as IFCJ) is one of those organisations that made a difference and brought worldwide peace among the two rival groups whose rivalry had been persistent since ages, namely the Jews and the Christians. The frequent conflicts even killed many and the others were subjected to harassment and fear. This needed a stop so Yael Eckstein (a renown Rabbi) who has great knowledge in the domain of culture and traditions of the Jewish and the Christian community built up the non-profit and independent organisation, IFCJ. The organisation was mentored well by the founded that caused it to grow and spread the word. IFCJ reviewsThe volunteers having similar ideologies and those showed great perseverance were added in the group and foreign relations were also made with the flow of time. Altogether, the organisation reached great heights within no time, obviously with great hard work and dedication.

Overall reviews and opinions on IFCJ

The IFCJ reviews have shown significant ups and downs in the recent years. Critics made their paragraphs ready once IFCJ failed to do something but with the flow of time the positive IFCJ reviews dominated over the negative IFCJ reviews. People are of the opinion that if ICJ wouldn’t have been there then thousands of Jews would have faced what their ancestors faced and would have died due to the same cause. IFCJ reviewsIFCJ took the initiative to migrate huge number of Jews to Israel and giving them new immigration.  IFCJ raises fund that is entirely used for the benefits and welfare of the Jewish tribe and also for ensuring peace between the two communities at large.  Among the negative reviews people are of the view that IFCJ takes away most of the money that is collective from the people and donations from different organisations, which is utterly wrong.