Advanced Surgical Techniques Are Like Video Game Play for Surgeons

Surgery was a complex procedure before the advent of laparoscopy. This technique was introduced at the end of 1980s and greatly progressed during last two decades of last millennium. The core problem in most complex surgical procedures was accessibility to the operative area by the surgeons. They were required to make long incision to have a wider access and move their tools through entire muscular area to locate the spot where surgical procedure was actually required. This technique used to cause greater degree of damage to the patient’s body and increased risk of wound infection. Moreover, the procedure was associated with prolonged post-surgical recovery.

Laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery

Roberto Casula

Laparoscopy was a beginning of an era of minimally invasive surgery which amply reduced size of incision. We sometimes refer button hole surgery in context with laparoscopy in which an incision of a size of small button is made through which a laparoscope is penetrated inside the body to access an operative area. Laparoscope has a powerful camera that explores right location where surgery is required to be performed. Surgery is also performed through a small incision with precision tools, causing minimal damage to the patient’s body. Which also reduces blood loss to a great extent.

Advance surgical techniques are like video game play

Initially after advent, laparoscope couldn’t find applications in wider areas, except for diagnostic purposes in gynecology and urology, but its applications were made for some complex surgical procedures. Laparoscopy was motivation for medical researchers to invent laparoscope like devices. The advent of laparoscope and beginning of era of minimally invasive surgery created interest in renowned surgeons like Roberto Casula to acquire skills in innovative techniques. Many surgeons have so far got skill in innovative surgical techniques to give their patients most benefits of surgical procedures. Innovative surgical techniques, say robotic surgery is like a video game play for expert surgeons and they can perform surgery when having a sip of coffee.