About IFCJ and the founder of the organization

Eckstein rabbi, the respected founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, is a productive fundraiser amongst the American Christians. But he had lots of clashes with different groups for taking recognition.

The organization or Fellowship, is known in the state of Israel as Keren L’Yedidut, IFCJ reviews mainly wield in three places, one of them and most important being  welfare: IFCJ reviewsIt helps people by providing aid to the needy and the poor  and the elderly, providing them with good quality food, medi-kits, first-aid  and even reimburse their bills. The secondary operation being encouraging people mainly Jews to move to Israel. The third, operation being, helping poor and injured soldiers and providing them with food, shelter and clothes and helping the victims of war by providing them with medicines and first aid and food. IFCJ reviewsThey also aim towards renovating bomb shelter.

As per the report of the Wall Street Journal, Pension package of Eckstein after his retirement will be worth 4.4 million Dollars by the year 2022.IFCJ review He earned 512000 Dollars as his salary in the year 2014 with an extra contribution to his pension as an amount of 544000 Dollars.

By the year 2015 Eckstein made about 2.6 million shekels 0r 680,000 Dollars.

Anyhow, Eckstein’s salary is generated by the Fellowship organization; there is an organization which is based in the United States of America that helps in raising fund for Israel. IFCJ review Eckstein rabbi does not pay his tax in Israel but in the United States of America.

 Eckstein was born in the year 1951 in the Ottawa, Canada, he arrived at Israel at the age of 18 and he completed his studies from the Kerem B’Yavneh hesder yeshiva.  In New York, he went to Yeshiva University. He served as a community rabbi.